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Chiropractic Technic Illustrated eBook

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Chiropractic Technic Illustrated By Michael Grecco DC

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eBook in PDF format. Dr. Grecco's book marks a new departure in the presentation of the art of chiropractic. Textual material has been reduced to the barest minimum. Pictures tell the story. This is a book dealing with the "how" of chiropractic, rather than the "why". No other book has ever presented such a formidable array of specific manifestations of the dynamic thrust. The objective of each thrust is clearly stated, and the procedure cogently explained and illustrated. Every move has been thoroughly tested. Many of the moves have been invented by the author himself, a fact which he modestly refrains from pointing out.

Over 150 illustrated adjustments including adjusting children and extremities. 224 pages with 177 illustrations.

Chapter 1: Origin and nature of chiropractic.
Chapter 2: Theory of the subluxation
Chapter 3: Chiropractic analysis.
Chapter 4: Tests of nerve interference.
Chapter 5: The chiropractic management of herniated disc in the lumbar region.
Chapter 6: Instruments.
Contact points, Kinetic palpation, Technic in adjusting, Children adjusting, Clavicle adjusting, Hand and wrist adjusting, Elbow adjusting, Foot adjusting, Knee adjusting, Scapula adjusting, Shoulder adjusting.
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Chiropractic Technic Illustrated eBook

$1.50 USD