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Five Elements Characteristics Cosmology Poster

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Characteristics of the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Tables showing the characteristics of each of the 5 elements. Each element is associated with different aspects of nature. The heavenly creatures are shown for each table of characteristics.

The five elements are used in acupuncture, astrology, cosmology and feng shui.
Elements and related meridians: Fire Element (Huo), Heart & Small Intestine. Earth Element (Tu), Spleen & Stomach. Metal Element (Jin), Lung & Large Intestine. Water Element (Shui), Kidney & Bladder. Wood Element (Mu), Liver & Gall Bladder.

Heavenly Creatures: Green Dragon (Azure Dragon), Red Phoenix (Vermilion Bird), Yellow Dragon or Yellow Qilin, White Tiger and Black Tortoise

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    Five Elements Characteristics Cosmology Poster