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Set of 8 Acupuncture Meridian Points and Pathways Posters

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Finish (Heavy Paper or Laminated)

Product description

Set of 8 Acupuncture Meridian Posters 18" X 24" ea. (Laminated or Paper)
The posters show the twelve main meridians, the Conception vessel and Governing vessel. These unique meridian charts contain pictures with point locations, list of each point with Chinese name, detailed written point location, indications for each point, Cardinal points, Horary time, five element correspondences, five element phase points and five element command points. Tonification, Sedation, Luo, Xi-Cleft and Source points.

The tables and diagrams on the charts: Back Shu (Associated Points), Extra Associated Points, Alarm Points, Horary Cycle with entry and exit points, Command Points, Five Element Correspondences, Jing Well (Tsing) Points, Meridian Pathological Symptoms, Five Transporting points, The Eight Influential Points.

Key Features:
• Illustrations with point locations.
• Chinese point names.
• Written anatomical point locations.
• Indications for each point.
• Cardinal points.
• Horary time for each meridian.
• Five element correspondences.
• Five element phase points.
• Five element command points.

Finish: Available printed on heavy weight satin finish photo paper for framing, or laminated for added protection. If there is something you want to add, please contact us. We can customize the poster for you.
Quality posters printed in the USA. Money back guarantee on all orders.
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Set of 8 Acupuncture Meridian Points and Pathways Posters