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The Eight Extraordinary Meridians Chart 8.5" X 11"

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The extraordinary meridians act as reservoirs of Qi. They regulate and promote the circulation of Qi in the body. The confluent points connect the 8 extra (extraordinary) meridians with the 12 main meridians. Shows the extraordinary meridians: Du Mai, Ren Mai, Chong Mai, Dai Mai, Yangqiao Mai, Yinqiao Mai, Yinwei Mai and Yangwei Mai. Listed for each meridian: Confluent point, Function, Pathological Symptoms, Pulse, Herbs and Coalescent points.

Key Features:
• Meridian pathways with points
• Function of meridian
• Pathological Symptoms
• Pathological Pulse Qualities
• Herbs
• Confluent points
• Coalescent points


Finish: Double-sided laminated 8.5" X 11" chart. If there is something you want to add, please contact us. We can customize the poster for you.
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The Eight Extraordinary Meridians Chart 8.5" X 11"